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2024 Internship

The museum is proud to offer an internship for the summer of 2024 through the generous donation of members Sydney Green and William Lord. This will be the third summer internship that has been made possible and the program has been of great benefit to the recipients and to the museum. An application and description of the program can be found by following the link shown below.

The museum's 2023 intern was Jessica Sharkey who hailed from Ireland. Upon the completion of her time in Cozad she wrote:


My phenomenal experience in Cozad, Nebraska working at the Robert Henri Museum will undoubtably change the direction of my career. I am currently beginning my PhD focusing on Robert Henri’s time in Ireland. During this internship, I learned a wealth of information, and met some of the kindest people I have ever come across. Mr. Peter Osborne guided me and trained me to be an independent thinker and an informed and curious curator, and the Board of Directors and Volunteers made the Robert Henri Museum and Art Gallery feel like a home away from home. I encourage all college students interested in history, art history, museum and collection studies to apply.


Intern application for 2024

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