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Miles Maryott


Demonstration Piece


Miles Maryott

Courtesy Robert Henri Museum

Another important artist that was associated with the historic hotel where the museum is located was Miles Maryott. Maryott’s parents managed the hotel after the Cozads sold it to Stephen Hendee in 1884. Miles became a well-known painter, taxidermist, and hunting guide. In 1926, his life took an unfortunate turn when he shot and killed the sheriff of Oshkosh, Nebraska. He was tried, convicted and spent the rest of his life in the state penitentiary where he was a prolific painter.

The museum owns a small collection of his paintings, about half of which are from his prison time and the others which date from before he was incarcerated. In 2022 the museum opened a new show entitled Miles Maryott: A Colorful Character which reveals new biographical information about him as well looking at his ties to Cozad. 

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