About the Museum and Gallery  

General Guidelines

The Henri  Museum's policies are designed to promote the safety of the art and to assure pleasant viewing conditions for all visitors.  Please help us achieve these goals by following these guidelines:



The museum is wheelchair accessible although the doors are very narrow because of the age of the building. In addition, the stairs up to the second floor are steep and narrow. To make our facilities accessible a tour of the museum and gallery is available at the museum through the use of I-pads. Our staff will be glad to assist you.


The gallery building is wheelchair accessible and a tour is available of the museum using an I-pad. 

  • Refreshments of any kind are not allowed in the museum and gallery.

  • Visitors are asked to silence their cell phones.

  • Photographs are allowed but without the use of a flash.

  • Keep a safe distance between you and each work of art (a minimum of 12 inches). This helps to avoid accidental touching or bumping. Note the rope barriers are in place as a reminder of the appropriate distance to remain behind. Please do not point too closely or touch works of art, frames, or cases. Even the slightest touch can leave harmful prints from the natural oils on our fingers.

  • We sell postcards and prints of a number of our paintings in our shop for your convenience.

The Gallery

Through My Own Language: Robert Henri and His Portraits, Paintings and Sketches.

December 6, 2019 - December 31, 2020

This exhibit, the most extensive the museum has ever fabricated, includes all of the museum’s paintings, and most of the sketches that it owns including recent acquisitions and those loaned by its patrons. The show includes interpretive components about Henri’s life, his students and features the most current knowledge about the artist. Major funding for the project has been provided by the Katherine Wilson Foundation, The Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation, the Ervin and Grace Burkholder Foundation, the Kosman Foundation, the Union Pacific Foundation and the support of the museum's members and supporters.

The Museum

The museum building includes our offices, archives, gift shop, restrooms, and period room exhibits along with a thirty-minute introductory video on Robert Henri's life. There are also a number of Cozad family heirlooms including a silk dress worn by Theresa Cozad and a suit worn by John Cozad. On the second floor there is an exhibit on The Eight, a recreation of the Henri's Paris apartment and the childhood bedroom of Robert and John Cozad and their parent's bedroom.

The first floor rooms of the museum, along with several of the second-floor rooms have period displays and include personal items of the Henri family including a white silk shawl worn by Theresa Cozad. 

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