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Henri Arts Festival

The Museum annually sponsors a celebration or Robert Henri's. the Henri Arts Festival to commemorate Henri's birthday (June 24, 1865) on the Saturday closest to the actual day. The program is designed to provide a platform for artists and artisans in the area to share their work in a fun and interactive situation. Robert Henri believed that art should be done for life's sake and not simply for art's sake. Our festival is different from other art shows and festivals because our focus is on the demonstration and creation of art, in addition to selling it. We welcome artists in all stages of experience and education to share in this celebration. There is also live entertainment and refreshments on hand during the day. Members of the museum staff give tours of the museum and gallery all day long.

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Like all of you the Robert Henri Museum and Art Gallery has been monitoring the latest government notifications regarding being open to the public. We continue to follow the disease prevention guidance from the CDC, which has recommended that until April 30 organizers cancel or postpone in-person events that consist of 10 people or more throughout the United States. The Robert Henri Museum has decided, for the time being, to close its doors to any groups over 10, until April 30 at which time we will reevaluate the situation. In the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we believe the most responsible thing we can do is practice social distancing in an effort to protect the well-being of our volunteers, staff, and the broader community. Given what is happening around the country at the present time we anticipate few if any visitors. However, we will continue to be accessible by email as well as phone. Also, we appreciate your financial support because at some point we will be open and promoting the legacy of Robert Henri again.

Preserving the Legacy of Robert Henri for Thirty-Five Years

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